Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Si Capek(RTM)

As you all know skop productions came out with their latest drama called Si Capek which is aired on RTM 2. A little sneak peek on the latest episode, Reza ( Zack X Factor) is starting to fall in love with his father"s employer's daughter. Having the fact that Zack is a handicapped makes him have poor body image of him self and very low self esteem. So how does Zack cope up his life having many obstacles?

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes of Si Capek from its very last few episode of the first season.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Evolusi K.L drift II movie review

Skop productions is currently working on their latest movie evolusi K.L drift II which hopefully will be coming out by the end of this year. As before we have watched Evoulusi K.L Drift I and i personally think that it was an interesting movie with full of amazing action scenes that was done without the help of any computer tricks. The young director Syamsul Yusof,from what i know has done a tremendous job on this movie. It contains more actions, spicing it up with new faces in the movie.

In the director of Syamsul Yusof the continuation of Evolusi K.L drift I to Evoluasi K.L drift II continues to show the lives of 2 young illegal car racers which are Zack and Sham. From an illegal car racer zack became a professional drifter and made it as his profession as for Sham, life after the tragic accident has nothing been but mentally and physically challenging for being a handicap. The accident has caused Sham to dwelling endlessly about his past. Along the way Sham meets Aleeya(Scha) a professional drifter who has such great passion for her job. She despises Zack's tallent and skills as a car racer.

As for joe which is played by Aaron Aziz he managed to escape death during the terrible car accident. The scar on his face constantly reminds him to seek revenge on Zack. In additon joe intends to monopolies the drug business in K.L

What happens next?? Will joe and Zack meet again? will Sham and Aleeya be together



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